Drawn outer ring of needle roller bearing

- Sep 18, 2018-

The drawn cup needle roller bearings are needle bearings with a thin stamped outer ring. Its main feature is that the section height is very low and the load capacity is high. Mainly used for bearing arrangements that are compact, inexpensive, and the bore of the bearing housing cannot be used as the raceway for the needle roller cage assembly. The bearing and bearing housing must be installed in an interference fit. If the axial positioning function such as the box shoulder and the stop ring can be omitted, the inner hole of the bearing housing can be made extremely simple and economical. The drawn cup needle roller bearings mounted on the shaft end are open on both sides and closed on one side. The base end face of the closed stamped outer ring can withstand small axial guiding forces. Drawn cup needle roller bearings generally do not have an inner ring. Where the journal is not hardened and ground, the inner ring listed in the table can be used. The hardened steel outer ring of the drawn cup needle roller bearing is inseparable from the needle roller cage assembly. The free space to store the lubricant can extend the relubrication interval. Bearings are generally designed in a single row.