Preparation of the spur gear reducer before overhaul

- Sep 18, 2018-

(1) Preparing for on-site inspection. The maintenance site shall be subject to fixed management. Before the start of construction, the layout of the maintenance site shall be completed. The safety measures shall be fully implemented. The work ticket has been completed and has the conditions for opening the Ding.

(2) Preparation of spare parts and T appliances. Before opening T, conduct a comprehensive inspection and verification of the materials and spare parts used in the overhaul to ensure that they are in good condition; carry out a comprehensive visual inspection and experiment on the used maintenance tools, cable reels, electric tools and lifting equipment are in Within the inspection period, and the visual inspection is qualified. After passing the inspection, transport them all to the designated location on the inspection site.

(3) Pre-worker delivery. The person in charge of the work will explain the safety precautions, maintenance quality requirements, and T progress to the Ding Zuoban personnel, and enter the T for on-site maintenance work.

(4) Preparation of maintenance guidance documents. The inspection and maintenance documents refer to the steps, process requirements and acceptance quality standards for completing the inspection work. The inspection site must strictly implement the document and perform relevant inspection procedures. It mainly includes maintenance documents and maintenance cards. These documents must be completed, approved, and organized for maintenance and discussion.

(5) To successfully complete a large-scale overhaul work, it is necessary to do a "seven-point preparation, one-off process". Pre-work preparation is essential, mainly including preparation of maintenance guidance documents, preparation of spare parts and tools, preparation for on-site inspection, and work. Before the end of the day and so on.